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Lemonis Kostantinos Apartments Villas - Rooms to let - Nea Skioni Halkidiki

Lemonis Kostantinos Apartments is located in a beautiful location by the sea in Nea Skioni, Halkidiki. The complex consists of two buildings built in 2010.

The first building is located next to the coastal road leading to the town center and the main square where there are cafes, bars, restaurants and pizzerias. On each floor of the first building there are two fully equipped studios. Studio in his part of a bedroom with a double bed, a living room / kitchen, sofa bed for two persons and a bathroom.

The second building is located next to the sea and is 4 meters from the first building. This property consists of spacious apartments - suites (70m2), which in its part has: living room / kitchen, two bedrooms and bathroom. Guests can relax and enjoy on the terrace with a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea and the sunset.



Nea Skioni - Kassandra

Nea Skioni is located on the west side of the First peninsula, Cassandra. Nea Skioni  has 950 residents. The village is build close to the old city. The first residents came after the Trojan war. Stories tell that on the way back from troy to Athens they made a break. The Trojan woman how where brought along lighted the boats on fire so they would hade to stay an didn’t be sold as slaves.

Nea Skioni has the largest port of Cassandra. A lot of fisherman boats have here their home haven. In the morning they sell here fresh fish.

The several tavern’s and restaurants make this village sociable but not too touristy. Nea Skioni has a wide Sandy beach that’s appreciated is with the blue flag. In the afternoon are there regularly schools dolphins to been seen, which come surprisingly close to the coast.

In the first weekend of august is the annual sardine feast in the post of Nea Skioni. For 3 days there will be several activities and events. On the last day of this festival the visitors are treated on fresh sardines and wine, there is music. From all surroundings people come this celebrate this day.